Nhám xếp đĩa bằng sợi thủy tinh 125 mm ( Flap disc (ZA) glass fibre pad dished 125 mm ⌀). Code: 3.10.920.0008 | www.thietbinhapkhau.com | Công ty PQ "Sẵn sàng cho bạn"


Mô tả


Roughing grinding discs with cloth flaps coating with Zirconium Aluminium Oxide (ZA) or ceramic grit on backing pads of steel, plastic or glass fibre. Circumferential speed ideally 50-60 m/s, max. 80 m/s. Gentle, cool grinding with high self-sharpening effect (no clogging); low vibration and low force working, low noise level.
  • Dished shape − for dressing edges/welds and surface grinding with approach angles 15−25°.

Flap disc with glass fibre pad and mixed fabric with high metal removal rate and long service life.


Universal for all steels, preferably for use on flat surfaces.

Technical Data

optimised for material
INOX  -  Steel
Grinding medium code
Product name attribute
125 mm ⌀
Iron, sulphur and chlorine constituents
< 0.1 %
maximum circumferential speed
80 m/s

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