C3660, Lưỡi cưa vòng. Metal band saw blade 27×3660. Code: 3.20.620.0011 | www.thietbinhapkhau.com | Công ty PQ "Sẵn sàng cho bạn"


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HOLEX − Production band saw blade with high cutting performance.


Variable pitch teeth 0° − very low vibration, for a large range of cross sections (for pipes and profiles, solid materials up to maximum 70 mm).Variable pitch teeth 5° − well suited for hand-fed machines.Variable pitch teeth 10° − general purpose for a wide range of cross-sections (for solid material from 50 mm).Regular pitch teeth 0° − for small to medium cross-sections up to maximum 70 mm engagement length.Regular pitch teeth 10° − for large cross-sections from 50 mm engagement.


Running in a new blade: See GARANT machining reference book No. 110950 and information page.

Technical Data

Tool material
HSS Co 8

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