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Accessories – backing pad ST 358 medium for finish grinding and rust removal

Ultra robust and durable abrasives are a must when it comes to grinding tasks that require a high removal rate. This is why users usually opt for fibre discs when handling these jobs, i.e. fibre discs with a backing made of vulcanised fibre. A flexible backing pad – such as the Klingspor ST 358 – is a better choice for surface and finish grinding.

For finish grinding jobs that call for a flexible backing pad

Unlike its sibling, the hard backing pad ST 358 A ribbed, the backing pad ST 358 medium offers good adaptation and shapes to the contours of the workpiece. Performing especially well during surface and finish grinding, this all-purpose tool offers a superb level of temperature resistance.

ST 358 – backing pad comes in various sizes and versions

The backing pad ST 358 is equipped with a locking nut for the fibre discs. It important to make sure that the diameter of the backing pad matches the size of the fibre disc. Klingspor carries all sizes for the ST 358 that are commonly used in the industry.

Grinding at high speed with the backing pad ST 358

Grinding at high speeds allows for a high removal rate. Every fibre disc comes with a specification of its maximum speed, which must not be exceeded:

  • 13,300 revolutions per minute at a disc diameter of 115 mm
  • 12,200 revolutions per minute at a disc diameter of 125 mm
  • 8,500 revolutions per minute at a disc diameter of 180 mm.

The benefits at a glance

Extended service life

The exceptionally long service life is the result of Klingspor's Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) and the excellent grit adhesion ACT provides.

Individuelle Stanzformen

Custom hole patterns

Our highly advanced manufacturing technology allows us to produce custom hole patterns made exactly to the customer's specifications.

Hohe Abtragleistung

High removal rate

Klingspor fibre discs deliver superior stock removal as their combination of backing, bond and grit is perfectly adapted to the material under processing.

Bewährte Sicherheit

Proven safety

Klingspor fibre discs have been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413.


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