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ST 1005 VE

Finger sander | Order no. 259.540

  • VE electronic control: infinitely adjustable stroke speed via speed selector wheel
  • Free view of the tool
  • 2 polishing shoes with velcro polishing cushion 39 x 60 mm
  • The linear movement of the tilted sanding pad allows the finger sander to reach into corners and edges, particularly with the pointed pad
  • Short, compact motor
  • Handy, lightweight design
  • For a perfect finish on steel and stainless steel surfaces in hard-to-reach areas
  • Long stroke for efficient working



Power input400 watt
Power output220 watt
Sanding medium39 x 60 mm
Orbit8 mm
Orbit rate, no load1200-4500 opm
Cable length4,0 m
Dimensions in mm3450 x 70 mm
Weight2,2 kg



2 polishing shoes with velcro polishing cushion1 set
10 velcro sand papers, P60258.299
10 velcro sand papers, P120258.300 
10 velcro sand papers, P180258.302
10 velcro fleece, A 240, 39 x 60 mm258.302
1 hexagon socket wrench, SW3217.794













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